• Guest Soap - Hotel Soap Bars - Custom Soaps

Guest Soap - Hotel Soap Bars - Custom Soaps

Guest Soaps... Hotel Soap Bars... Baby Shower...Rustic wedding...Bridal Shower...Anniversary parties - Custom soap for any occasion.

Our guest soaps are eco friendly, non-toxic, and nourishing! We make our soaps in small batches following the cold process method. Strongly brewed green tea is used, together with organic oils and butters that are great for your skin and hair! Our guest soaps can be used from head to toe. Get rid of the plastic bottles in your guest rooms, or hotel rooms and try some of our unique, intoxicating, zero waste soaps that your guests will appreciate. Scented only with essential oils!

Hand-cut mini bars
weight approx. 1-1.25 oz

Available scents: Bamboo, Cinnamon &Orange, Endless Bliss, Lemonade, Seascape, Sweet Orange 

These mini bars are made to order. We require at least 4 weeks for them to be ready to ship. However, for the smaller quantities, we should have enough soap ready to fulfill last-minute orders!

  • $28.00