About Us

Moonkissed Natural Skincare came together as a result of a strong passion for creating bath and body products

that are truly good. 


soap, natural soap, handmade soap

 We bring together the best of nature and science to create luxurious, all natural and organic skin products.Our products are formulated with an array nutrient rich ingredients such as organic extra virgin oils and butters, essential oils, herbal extracts, clays and other vitamins and minerals for moisturizing, nourishing, and smoothing your skin.


Every ingredient is thoroughly researched before being incorporated into our formulations. We only select sustainable and organic ingredients, because we care about our environment as much as we care about our skin.



We are sure you are going to love our products, as much as we love making them! 



We publish a full list of ingredients for each product that is simple and clear to understand and are always happy to help with recommendations or answer any questions you may have.